Product lineup

ISO 9001/14001 certified company

Our springs are important elements used in various Japanese and US automotive parts exported around the world. In 1987, after years of supplying cold-formed helical springs to General Motors and other American automakers, we established our first overseas subsidiary, AMSC, to start production abroad. Since then, our overseas network has been expanding through plant export and technology licensing and transfer. Accordingly, we have made efforts, including the acquisition of ISO 9001 certification in 1999 for all our departments and products and ISO 14001 certification in 2003 for our headquarters and factory, to strengthen our foundation for overseas activities. Additionally, ACM Tochigi, which we established as a subcontractor to Fuji Heavy Industries, produces wing-to-body fairings for Boeing, USA, expanding our network further into the aircraft industry. We intend to make full use of our intellectual assets accumulated over 95 years to determine, from a global perspective, what we can do to expand into new products while continuing spring production.