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Environmental Commitment

ISO 14001 Certification was acquired in September 2003, and the company has since then made a commitment to environmental management activities.

Basic idea
The basic tenant of Murata Spring Co., Ltd., is to deliver happiness to customers, ourselves and society. Under this tenant, we shall promote resource conservation and prevent environmental pollution in the belief that protecting the global environmental helps to increase happiness in society and among all peoples of the world.

Environment policy
Murata Spring shall always remain aware of the environment and continually improve environmental practices in all phases of business activities, including development, design, manufacturing and disposition.
1. Being aware of the environmental impact of our business activities, we shall promote the following continuous improvement activities:
(1) Develop and design products with environmental considerations in mind
(2) Ensure the efficient use of primary energy (electric power,natural gas and fuel)
(3) Promote the effective use of including spring materials and expendable matetials etc, and reduce the use of all resources
(4) Reduce the waste materials and promote the recycling.
(5) Reduce the use of hazardous substances and prevent environmental pollution
2. Murata Spring shall comply with environment-related laws, regulations, ordinances, and other requirements to prevent environmental pollution.
3. Murata Spring shall develop and maintain an environmental management system to set specific objectives and targets that are technically and economically feasible and that shall be reviewed and promote the Environmental Activities.
4. Murata Spring shall implement and maintain this Policy through the Environmental Management System and shall disseminate this Policy to all our employees.
5. This environment policy shall be disclosed at the request of parties outside our company.

November 2, 2011
Sumio Takahashi
President and CEO
Murata Spring Co., Ltd.