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Message from the President

Murata Spring Co., Ltd., was founded in 1913 at the same time Japan began to industrialize. For nearly 100 years, the company focused on spring manufacturing to contribute to the modernization of Japanese industry. Murata Spring products are found in various for use in all industries including automotive, home appliances, and construction machinery. From basic research to engineering development, experiments, and design, Murata Spring has always given its best efforts to the manufacture of technologically advanced, high quality products that satisfy our customers and instill confidence in our products. By doing so, the company has become a leader in the manufacture of springs. We are quite confident that Murata Spring ranks with the world's best in terms of quality and quantity when it comes to the manufacture of automotive engine valve springs.

Now is a time in which national borders no longer constitute barriers to human, material, and capital flows, and technological innovations are occurring at an unprecedented speed. As a leading spring manufacturer at home and abroad, we will continue to assume our responsibilities for society, providing advanced technology and high quality products.

Sumio Takahashi
President and CEO
Murata Spring Co., Ltd.